Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wow, long time between posts!

I've been remiss in not updating on here, I've just not had the energy to do so. But, now exam time is upon me, here I am procrastinating instead of studying :)

I won't write an essay, I will come back after the exams and babble for a while about uni and my observations and feelings. And the state of play regarding the MSR and the latest budget that looks on the surface to be great for midwives and women, yet still has a lot of murk that needs to be clarified.

I have placement at a local private hospital in early July, which will be interesting. I won't get anywhere near the maternity ward though on this placement. Which is sort of good- this hospital has a close to 80% caesar rate! (vomit)

I will finish up by saying that I have managed 3 high distinctions and 1 distinction for my essays. So, I can analyse a question, I can write, I can research, I can stick to a study plan!

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